Setting Intentions for 2022

Goodbye to New Years resolutions ... Hello to Yearly intentions

Intentions are what you hope to achieve, with no hard and fast rule, no goal tick list just a kinder version of what you want. So when life gets in the way and you haven't ticked something off of your list...that's OK.

My personal intention this year to remember the fun in life... The past few years have been heavy, really heavy and really difficult to deal this year is a conscious effort for me to have fun.. have fun with business, have fun with family, and ignite that spark of joy again.

Setting your intentions can take no more than five minutes, yet those few moments keep you connected to your goals, desires, and needs. In this post, I’ll explain a bit more about the following and how to get started:

  • What do we mean by intention

  • Why set intentions

  • How to set intentions

  • Examples

  • How to live out those intentions during the year

An intention is an agreement with yourself, something you feel as opposed to something you are measured against.

They are aims or wants, but the beauty of the fluidity of an intention means its very much so present, taking into consideration, who you are, where you are at now and what you want to achieve from this.

An intention can be:

  • A prompt when making decisions

  • A reminder of what you want to focus on

  • Helps to identify the type of energy you want to bring in

  • A reminder to stay mindful throughout the day

Having said that, they are not completely dismissive of goals; in fact the two tend to go hand in hand, however the intention reminds us to be mindful of why we would like to get that goal and to no be too harsh on ourselves if it doesn't pan out exactly as planned.

The way we change our lives and behavior is through awareness and intentional action.

By setting an intention, you bring a presence to your own thoughts and actions.

This also helps shift you into the right mindset to achieve any goals you may have... as we all know it can be easy to get distracted or talk ourselves out of what we want

Ok...enough of the background I'm sure you just want to know how to get these little gems set.

What you need is simple...YOU... but it also helps if you have either a journal, notebook, planner, your phone (notes) etc, so you can write down your thoughts and refer back.

Intentions can be se