I created Selenes' Place to help find your own piece of calm however you may see it, for you to be able to focus on what truly matters to you .

So this is the blog section ... a space to come and find hints and tips on how to navigate through life.

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Hello and Welcome

I'm Melissa,

The founder of Selene’s place

A safe space to come when you are feeling a little overwhelmed; a guide to help you on your own wellness journey by incorporating mindful lifestyle tips into the every day, one step at a time. 

Who am I?

I’m am me, a mum, a wife, an ex city corporate worker, an anxiety sufferer and a recently qualified Mental Health First Aid Practitioner and a newbie counsellor. 

Allowing yourself to then focus on what truely matters to you 

I think now more than ever we all need a little help with balancing out our thoughts and i don't know about you but since the pandemic hit, life has just been a little rocky. 

I was pregnant at the very start of the lockdown and was told not to go into to work to travel to all appointments alone and even go into labour alone and hold and care for a baby after 26 hours as my husband was no able to stay with us.  From then it was juggling life with little help, family and friends were limited as we lived opposite ends of the country which prompted a move.. to then resettle with an amazingly dynamic and spirited toddler ....then a cost of living hykes alongside the fear of war and general human being shittyness!!! 

Anyway, this all prompted me to find my space of calm, to just take 5 minutes to breath from myself and I found the more i looked into the healing properties of breathwork, yoga, nutrition, meditation, EFT tapping, gratitude i knew i had to share this withe the world. Because yes, times are still challenging but with these methods and news ways of thinking, i find it alot easier to regain myself and my composure. 

So here it is, Selene's Place ( The Greek Moon Goddess, who reminds us that no matter what phase in our life we are we are still whole).

A place for you to breath; find coping mechanisms;showing you how to incorporate mindfulness in your day to day life; tips to get out whats troubling you in your mind; learn a new way of connectivity with yourself and others and to honestly hopefully have you leaving here feeling like you have had a little a little bit of weight lifted. 

I am always here if you need to talk, just drop me a message. 

Thank you all and I hope you enjoy your journey